Unlimited Tasks

No restrictions by us on how many tasks you can process at once.

User Friendly

Easy to follow and elegant User Interface so you can get straight into it.

Free Updates

We regularly update our software to maximize likelihood of success.

Save Money

Affordable for all and competitively priced to save you money.

What is LuckyDucky?

LUCKYDUCKY is automation software built to help you purchase hyped releases at a much more affordable price point. LUCKYDUCKY increases your chance at getting success on a limited release

Modules available
This is not our final supported site list, we'll be announcing more soon.


Full Package
  • Bot Protection Bypass
  • Enter Raffle
  • *Create Accounts
*We may not always support account creation on END Launches, please don't abuse this tool.


Full Package
  • Adds item to cart and generates a paypal checkout link

LUCKYDUCKY is available in a variety of packages, which do you feel is suitable for you?

£??.99 GBP monthly
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Community Discord server
  • All modules included at no additional price

❌ Sold out

£84.99 GBP one-time
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Community Discord server
  • Optional future modules can be purchased at a cheap and affordable price

❌ Sold out

Early Bird
£79.99 GBP one-time
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Community Discord server
  • Optional future modules can be purchased at a cheap and affordable price

❌ Discontinued

By purchasing our software you agree to our Terms & Conditions and agree to follow Discord Community Guidelines. All sales are final.

One-time payment packages include what's stated within the module list only, access to future individual modules will cost an additional one time fee each
(all customers will get limited access to all future modules for free for a maximum duration of up to 2 weeks).

One-time payment packages means you'll have access to the software for as long as LUCKYDUCKY operates for (as long as you don't violate our T&C).

Rental payment packages must be paid on time, failure to pay on time will result in the termination of your access to our software.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why and how is LUCKYDUCKY so cheap?

LUCKYDUCKY's main goal during development has always been to maintain a cheap and affordable pricepoint.
Throughout our development cycle we reviewed how we can afford to continue development and still keep it affordable and we came up with the idea of instead of introducing a renewal fee like most, we were to charge for future supported sites(modules).
This is not only good for us but for customers as you'll be able to pay for the sites you actually plan on using/want to use.
Modules will be at an affordable pricepoint (starting from £1) and will be a one-time payment for that module and all customers will get to try out any new modules for free for up to 2 weeks after their introduction. There are no further fees or hidden costs.

What countries does LUCKYDUCKY support?
We try our best to support each country supported on the modules (sites) we support, you should expect to see most European countries along with United States.
Which operating systems do you support?
We're currently only supporting Windows 10 64bit, however we're working to officially support Mac OS X in the future.
Which payment methods do you support?
We accept only debit/credit card payment via Stripe.
Which sites do you support?
You can see which sites LUCKYDUCKY supports via our module list above. Our community have a huge influence over which sites we may support in the future.
How do you release/restock copies?
Before most planned releases we'll put a poll on our twitter (@getluckyducky) for a limited time allowing you to pick which type of method we should do (First Come First Served or Raffle) for that release. Sometimes before a release we'll open up a few reservations that will guarantee a small amount of people a chance to purchase a copy of LUCKYDUCKY (this will always be separate from the release).
What's Ducky's stance on reselling?
LUCKYDUCKY's purpose is to provide a cheap and affordable automation solution. Ducky does not support the reselling of our software and will not provide tools to do so.
If Ducky catches or suspects you of doing so we'll terminate your access immediately (as per our Terms & Conditions).
Your copy of LUCKYDUCKY is attached to your Discord and there will be no way to unbind it.

Want to purchase LUCKYDUCKY?